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Roeland 8-10-17

Math – Chapter test tomorrow; they’ll see pg 67 on test! Study vocab, place value, & comparing decimals. I sent review sheets for the students to use to practice. They will not be graded or taken up to check for completion.

Blue Jean Friday starts tomorrow. It is $1 to participate.

Please send $1 for eclipse viewing glasses.

We are studying “70 is 10x greater than 7” and “7 is 1/10 as much as 70.” If your student is concerned about this skill, please reassure them that they will understand it in time. It is a very difficult skill for them to comprehend, due to the “1/10 as much as”. I’m giving a separate quiz tomorrow on it, but if the grades are what I think they will be, the scores will NOT be recorded in the grade book. Encourage them to continue to practice this skill with me in class, because we will most likely practice it up until spring break. To me, it is the hardest skill in fifth grade.

(I can recognize that the ones place is 10 times larger than the tenths place. 5.NBT.1) 


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